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The Extinction of Climate Efficient Architecture

The homes built today seem very similar across the entire country. But those popular designs are not necessarily the most efficient depending on where you live. Homes on Cape Cod were once designed to shelter from the harsh winds and … Continue reading

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An interesting trend in micro-housing offers an affordable living option for those who can sacrifice space. Found mostly in very expensive city rental markets, one option offers a sleeping room as small as 100 square feet (that’s a typical 10×10 … Continue reading

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The Future of Green Homes

Less than one percent of new homes built are truly “green”. Green homes are constructed to use substantially less energy, water and natural resources, and scaled to less than 2,500 square feet. But building a green home is extremely expensive. … Continue reading

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Getting a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

6 percent of the workforce are self-employed and have difficulty getting financing.  Many lenders will look at profit after expenses when qualifying you for a mortgage.  If you are self-employed, prepare ahead of time by writing off fewer expenses in … Continue reading

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